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Gmail have that incredible function of keyboard shortcuts, to make it function, initially You will need to allow it. Click on the Settings url at the top appropriate from the webpage, Standard tab will open. Hunt for Keyboard Shortcuts, after which click the Keyboard Shortcuts on radio button. Now keyboard shortcuts are enabled and you will use them right away. I'm listing underneath all (novice, intermediate and advance) Gmail keyboard shortcuts. I am previously applying it and hope that they will assist you to way too.

Hotkeys and shortcuts

Let's start with some simple ones; they're pretty uncomplicated to recall also.

A (a)

If you would like reply all recipients of concept, simple push Change + a. This could open a whole new window with all recipients in it and you simply are prepared to mail. Be sure to are permitted to exhibit pop ups from Gmail, else a warning will show up (function only if you are in discussion manner).

C (c)

SHIFT + c will open a new window to be able to compose a different concept.

E (e)

Press e even though any mail is open Which mail will probably be archived. You can also pick out many mails and Push e to archive them simultaneously. Archive mails may be seen in all mail Area.

E (e)

This a person is utilized to refresh your web page and return to you inbox or list of discussions in case of labels.

Q (q)

This one is useful for transferring your cursor to speak search box.

File (file)

SHIFT + file pop ups a fresh window and you may ahead that mail (get the job done only if http://tracesofww1.com you find yourself in dialogue manner).

N (n)

Press N (n) to move your cursor to the following information. You will need to push ENTER to expand or collapse that specific concept (do the job only when you're in discussion mode).

P (p)

Push P (p) to move your cursor into the earlier information. You must press ENTER to expand or collapse that individual concept (get the job done only when you are in discussion mode).


R (r)

Press SHIFT + r to reply to concept sender (operate only if you find yourself in conversation manner).

Y (y)

This could take away latest message or discussion from your mailbox. Y (y) has unique programs for various views. In case you are in INBOX it means archive, for STARRED means take away star from it, for TRASH means Go to INBOX, if you are in any label them pressing Y (y) will take away that individual label. Y (y) has no result if you find yourself in SPAM, SENT or ALL MAIL.

I (i)

Push I (i) to maneuver your cursor to the subsequent oldest dialogue. You need to push ENTER to broaden or collapse that specific message.

K (k)

Press K (k) to move your cursor to the more recent conversation. You have to press ENTER to grow or collapse that exact message.

M (k)

Press M (m) will archive that discussion, and all foreseeable future messages will skip the INBOX.

S (s)

Press S (s) will star that exact message or discussion.

O (o)

Press O (o) to open up your discussion. This shortcut critical is also accustomed to develop or collapase message In case you are in discussion. This performance can even be finished by ENTER button.

X (x)

Urgent X (x) will select the main message or conversation.

Z (z)

Press Z (z) to undo previous action. This command only will work if an UNDO connection appears in addition to the conversation.


Press / to maneuver your cursor in the search box.


Push ! to mark message to be a spam and take away it from the INBOX.

Period of time (.)

Press Period of time (.) and open up a fall-down menu under Extra Steps.


Push ? and you simply should be able to see keyboard shortcuts enable menu. For the comfort it is possible to open that webpage in new window.


Press # and shift the conversation to TRASH.


Push [and archive recent conversation, you're going to be quickly moved to previous 1.


Press ] and archive present conversation, you'll be quickly moved to subsequent a single.

CTRL + s

Press CTRL + s and help you save composing concept as a draft. You got to generally be in editing manner to do so.


Press SHIFT + u for marking message as Go through;you can be routinely moved to subsequent just one.

Change + i

Push Change + u for marking information as UNREAD.

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